Friday, October 8, 2021

Standing your ground on Middle-Earth

I fucking love Lord of the Rings shit, but I really fucking love the moments when someone small stands up against something big, and just faces up against impossible odds, because it's the right fucking thing to do. They stand their ground. 

It's the big themes, with entire kingdoms standing to fight a hungry evil that's bigger and meaner than anything else in the world, and when that ultimate evil defeated by the smallest and most gentle creature in the land.

 And it's Sam not letting Shelob get away with her Big Spider Bullshit - 

  - it's Gandalf telling Balrog to go to fucking hell - 

 - it's Eowyn standing up against the Witch King and his worm dragon, and fucking both their heads up -


They're scared shitless, and they usually get majorly fucked up doing it, but they stand their damn ground, because no other bastard will. It's the total definition of heroic fiction.

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