Friday, July 10, 2020

Always think I've got the Bug

I loved Ambush Bug from the first Bug comic I ever read - it might require an encyclopedic knowledge of decades of DC bullshit to get all the jokes, but Keith Giffen and Robert Loren Fleming always showed a pleasing desire to bite the hand that fed them, and really crank up the entire absurdity of superhero stories.

I came in with the Nothing Special, published in the 1990s when comics took themselves very seriously indeed, and never looked back. I got the mini-series and the one-offs years ago, and the last series and its interminable Dan DiDio jokes. And I keep thinking I've got almost all the earliest appearances in early 1980s comics like Action Comics and DC Comics Presents, but then I keep finding more, because that bloody Bug kept popping up everywhere for a few years there.

I just got another one the other day, and even though it's only an eight-page story, it's full of the usual dumb jokes. I'm pretty sure there is an issue of Supergirl out there somewhere, and that's all I need to fully catch the Bug, but who knows?

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