Saturday, April 17, 2021

The oldest civilisations on the newest platforms


I like all sorts of documentaries - ones about music and movies and war and the human condition and all that stuff. Nothing beats real life for weirdness and insane plot twists. I've overdosed on true crime documentaries, but am up for just about anything else.

Lately I've been absolutely addicted to films about the most ancient of times, and can't get enough of the birth of civilization. The exact moments when we really pulled together as a species, and got our shit together. The first farms, the first cities, the first wars and kings and social structures.

There's still so much mystery lurking there, in ancient times, but we're figuring more stuff every day. And any video that can explain it all and bring it to new life with funky graphics.  

I've been inside the great pyramid, and crawled inside the tombs of Newgrange, walked around the empty homes of Skara Brae - and seen that they liked to hoard their dumb shit as much as we do - but that's as close as I've ever got to history. And nobody has invented a time machine yet, and Doctor Who has still failed to turn up, so the videos will have to do for now.

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