Thursday, April 8, 2021

Gotta stop thinking about the explanations for kids stuff

Decades of post-modern culture pop analysis bullshit has absolutely ruined me and vandalized my cultural appreciation, because I just can't appreciate things for what they are.

I can't just get lost in a movie or TV show without thinking about how they made it and the challenges involved in making those images. And I can't stop watching dumb kids programmes and wondering how they logically worked. What is the economy of these cartoon worlds? What are the physics of the thing? How do they function?

Do they eat meat in the wonderful dayglo world of Hey Duggie, where every piece of life is anthropomorphized? Who supplies the ingredients for their Pinky Ponk Juice to the dwellers In The Night Garden? Is Thomas The Tank Engine like Cars, and take place is a post-Terminator society?

The answers to all these questions is, obviously: IT DOESN'T MATTER. But I still can't just enjoy things for what they are, and have to dig them apart and look at them for revisionism and explanations

This bothers me a lot, but the lovely wife has no problem in imagining Thomas and his 'really useful crew' as a bunch of crims planning a heist, and just thinks it's funny. And the kid just likes the sedate and colourful adventures. I just need to get over myself and find the child inside, before I ruin it for everyone.

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