Friday, April 30, 2021

The most New Zealand of all

The most New Zealand thing I've ever done? It might have been the time me and my mates smoked a joint with Shihad at the Loaded Hog in Timaru, or the time we got mega-stoned and went to a rally motor race hill climb in Central Otago one Easter, and it took us two hours to get to the top of the mountain, only painfully getting there by foot and some strange machine with a tank tread, only for some cheeky fuckers to roll up over the crest in a Toyata ute.

It might have been the other week, where I was listening to an interview on Radio NZ with one of the creators of A Dog Show, complete with barks and whistles and quiet tension, while waiting for a deeply informative press conference about the Covid.

But I think the most Kiwi thing ever is when we've been overseas and told someone where we come from, and they're like 'you guys know Lorde, right?', and we're all like 'it's not that fuckin' small', and then have to add that 'yeah, my workmate went to school with her,' and then you're like 'and yeah, my wife's uncle married her grandmother, but we don't know everyone'. 

This has happened more than once.

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