Sunday, April 18, 2021

Kiss his axe!

Slaine has always had terrific artists, right from the earliest days of Mills, Belardinelli and a truly transcendent McMahon. It's a story that unleashed Glenn Fabry and Simon Bisley on the world in all their glory, produced some deeply beautiful digital fumetti work from the  pen of Clint Langley and had recent painted work from Simon Davis that was extremely vigorous and lushly beautiful.

Even in that company, Argentine artist Leonardo Manco work on the current Slaine comic is absolutely fucking outstanding. Rich in expression, lively in action and with real painted weight, the veteran artist's work is easily the best art in the galaxy's greatest comic at the moment. It's a world away from the scratched brilliance of all those weird comics he did for Marvel 20 years ago, on a whole new level of Frazetta poses and shining detail. It's a privilege to drink it in.

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