Saturday, February 6, 2021

Nat's what he reckons: Fuck packet food!

Good food is everything, but I have always been so intimidated by recipe books, with arcane language and exacting standards that I could never quite meet. But I'm always up for trying something new, so I've been watching some cooking videos recommended by my excellent boss, and discovered the best ones are from this beautiful Aussie bogan. 

They're great, and it's not just because Nat speaks my language and makes big, tasty meals that are genuinely sick, it's because he tells you not to sweat the small stuff - he tells you if you can skip complicated steps, and puts bugger-all value in presentation, making it all about the tastiness.

I mean, check out these fucking champions, we made them last week and they were out-fucking standing and produced acres of leftovers:

We've started a tiny tradition of cooking up one of Nat's meals every Sunday, and have had a magic time making macaroni and cheese, carbonara and beef strog. I can't ever go buy packet shit at the supermarket again, or his ghost will haunt me.

Learning something new is always good, especially it's this fuckin' tasty.

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