Saturday, September 19, 2020

That beats any meat injection

I've never tried heroin and probably never will, but the closest I've ever come to the ecstasy of Allison in Trainspotting - and her sheer fucking pleasure of spiking up in Trainspotting - is when I had an ear infection recently that gummed everything up good and proper, and the ear popped for the first time in many days and stayed clear.

That beats any fucking cock in the world.

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Anonymous said...

oh, my dear friend. you have absolutely no idea whats it like. as they say in the movie, take a 25 second long constant orgasm and ure not even close...sad to say, ive been there ,done that. i will never feel it again,but i chose not to chase the kick,because I od on my first hit, and it scared me too much.
but again, the feeling of utter and total bliss,will only come to me once more,and there will be no awakening...