Saturday, December 14, 2019

My American friend: Not alone in the obsession

I first met my American pal Nik through his Spatula Forum blog, contacting him when he revealed he was moving to New Zealand. We've become mates since, sharing the dork love and occasionally working together in our real life jobs, and he is the only person I know in real life who is geekier about comic books than I am, with much more impressive bookshelves than I could ever put together.

He got back into the blog life recently with My Impression Now, and my favourite thing he has written lately is a very personal look at growing up with a comic book obsession.

You can read the first part of it here, and I feel very, very seen after reading it. It's just always nice to know you're not alone with this kind of comic book love, that there are other people who have spent significant portions of their life going to painful lengths to get their comic fix (although I never bought any West Coast Avengers from a shady dealer selling them from a hotel room).

Sometimes an obsession with the four-colour funnies can feel very lonely, but nobody is ever really alone when they can connect over Weird War Tales.

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