Tuesday, December 3, 2019

A Youngblood in every book

I could never throw out my trading cards, even if I never really completed many sets, and they have a second life when I use them as bookmarks in the various things I read. Unfortunately, it also means they gradually disappear, left in books I take back to the library, or in books I sell or give away. They usually only last a few reads before disappearing forever.

That's okay, I've got thousands of the little fuckers, so it's no great loss, although there is some regret in losing some that have original art on them. And some of them defy the odds, and stick around, and are used for years.

I have no memory of ever buying a pack of Youngblood trading cards, but I must've picked one up for cheap years ago, back in the early nineties. They were cheaply produced, using Rob Liefeld art from his various shitty comics and the barest of production values.

And I've been using that one shown up above as a bookmark for years now, and it's still around. Somebody saw me using it the other day, and asked who it was, and I have no earthly idea. Some dickhead in a helmet.

But it's a card I use on a constant basis, and I'd genuinely hate to lose it. It almost went back to the library, buried in the pages of the eighth Lone Wolf and Cub omnibus, the other day, and I only saved it at the last minute. It's not a great piece of art or design, but it's a stellar bookmark. It does the job.

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