Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Nat's comics recipes: I'll cook that up, ya fuckin' champion.

Will Eisner was fucking right. If you want me to learn how to do something, put it in the form of a comic. And make it look pretty. And fill it with loads of good jokes. 

The dude behind the fucking excellent Nat's What I Reckon cooking videos has smashed out a book, and in between the big and little life lessons that Nat has gathered as another insignificant ant on this mudball of a planet, he's put in his favourite recipes to make that ant life a bit more tolerable.

I didn't buy the book for Nat's philosophy, although it is pretty heartwarming, because it boils down to 'figure out your own path in life, don't listen to the dickheads who try to take advantgae of you, and remember that you'll always be an absolute bloody champion'. I bought the book because  gets his artist mates to do his recipes in comic form and it's an absolute piece of piss to follow. And full of literal toilet humour.

Trust me, the food tastes as good as it looks in these artistic impressions, but teaching people how to do it with a bit of wit and style always adds to the flavour.

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