Friday, September 17, 2021

The two faces of Elastica

I fucking loved Elastica. I didn't know they were a Wire rip-off or anything like that when I first heard them, deep into the 90s, I just thought there songs were punchy and short and it felt right that they dissolved after a few short years. There's probably been a reunion tour or two since then, but that never counts.

I fell hard for their sound when I watched the video for Connection a thousand times in the late of the night in the mid-90s, but only just this year realised there were two videos for the band, and I saw the second video when YouTube offered it up, and it's really, really fucking terrible.

At least it's genuinely funny - they couldn't look more disinterested and bored. At least two of them appear to be on heavy drugs, and every piece of energy and vitality they bring to their sound is completely unrelated to what's happening on screen.

All that visual inertia on an absolute banger of a tune is a crime against music.

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