Saturday, October 10, 2020

The Last Box of Marvel: The devil's creators

#20 in a 27-issue limited series

It's not that I'm really such a huge fan of Daredevil or the various trials of Matt Murdock - it all gets a bit miserable, over and over again. But the comic has always attracted great creators at the peak of their game and that's why I still have so many DD comics left.

After all, the Kesel/Nord Daredevil comics are objectively excellent, and Mark Waid's run was the best the comic looked in years, with some phenomenal art and terrific cliffhangers. There's all of the Miller comics, and a very select few of the phenomenal Nocenti/Romita Jr comics (usually centered around the Inferno storyline).

I've also picked up a surprising amount of Daredevil from the first few years - half a dozen issues from the first five years, with lovely art by Gene Colan and Barry Windsor Smith, and they're easily the best looking non-Kirby/Ditko Marvel comics of that period. There is a certain monotony in seeing Matt Murdock getting the shit kicked out of him, over and over again, but it often looked so beautiful.

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