Tuesday, October 13, 2020

The Last Box Of Marvel: Giant-sized fun

#23 in a 27-issue limited series

There were never quite enough giant-sized comics from Marvel. They provided massive value for money for both readers and retailers, and gave you something a lot meatier than the monthly issues. And sometimes you got something like the X-Men one, which somehow changed the whole direction of mainstream comics for years to come. 

I don't have the X-Men one, because I don't have a house to mortgage. (My mate Kyle does, and does.) I do have the one issue of Captain America they giant sized, because Kirby Cap is the best Cap; and one of the Giant-Sized Man-Things, because like 2001 comics, it's not a proper collection unless you've got a Giant Sized Man Thing.

All of the Tomb of Dracula issues I once had have been replaced by reprints, but the Giant-Sized Dracula comics are still there, because that's a good chunk of Marvel vampire fun. The Giant-Sized editions are all good chunks of substantial comics, and sometimes that's all you need.

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