Tuesday, August 3, 2021

This is my life again: What to read at the start

Our new baby was coming on a very specific day, so I put an extraordinary amount of effort to find something to read. I forgot about the nights of endless TV, but I hadn't forgot how much sitting around in small rooms while the new baby rests there is. So I needed something for the first few days - something fun and substantial.

There was a Dicks book by Ennis and McCrea that I've had my eye on for a while, which seemed like a bad idea on so many levels, and all the latest superhero comics looked dumb and mean, so they were right out.

I'm all about the signs and portents, everything has huge meaning when you're going through big life changes, even the shit you read while the baby is busy getting its first feeds in, and you're just waiting for the nurse to tell you when you can go to the next room.

I eventually went for an issue of the Jack Kirby Collector, and that worked out very nicely indeed, because it was substantial and beautiful. And it can't hurt to have the spark of creativity and vitality that Kirby had in the room when someone new is coming into the world.

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