Friday, August 6, 2021

This is my life again: Appalled in the back seat

One of the very first films I watched in the dead of night with the new kid was the recent Les Miserables movie, which has way more to do with La Haine than Victor Hugo. It's a fairly punchy film that doesn't resort to easy answers.

And I absolutely loved Damien Bonnard in the back of the car, as the new cop riding along with an urban tactical unit for the first day on the daily patrols, google-eyed in horror at the shit he has to witness and can do nothing about.

It's an eminently watchable performance, which really makes you feel for the guy, especially when he is thrust into increasingly impossible situations.

And I see it on the new kid. This appalled silence, looking at things happening that he doesn't understand, but knows on very level is wrong and unacceptable, and unable to say jack shit about it.

I think I have a total actor crush on Damien Bonnard now, which is always a bit weird. I'll watch him in anything from here on out.

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