Monday, March 22, 2021

We're all just big bags of contradictions

While reading some old posts on the Teaoom of Despair - and it's being going 12 years now, so some of it is ultra-old - I can't help but notice that I'm completely full of shit and wrong, all the fucking time. I have wrong opinions, reach erroneous conclusions and am a damned fool about a lot of things. That's usually how human beings work, right?

Human beings are full of contradictions, because we're weird and complex meat bags held together by bacteria and fierce willpower. We change all the time, and often do full u-turns on some of our biggest beliefs.

I'm glad that I can disagree with my own opinions. Some people take some perverse pride in never shifting on a position, scoffing at flip-flops, but they never learn anything. Which is, as far as I can figure, the point of this whole existence, not just letting your ideas atrophy.

There are some obvious positions that never change - I hate gun culture in every single way, think Nazis always deserve a fuckin' slap and remain as convinced as ever that Dr Who is the best TV show ever. But I've been wrong before and I'll be wrong again, and that's just life.

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