Wednesday, March 10, 2021

We all play synth

Synthesiser-based soundtracks becoming cool again is a great thing - they went hideously out of fashion the minute the 1980s staggered out the door, and only really came back into popular culture in the 2000s, as the Sons and Daughters of Carpenter mined that throb for kicks.

There's nothing quite like a deep synth soundtrack for mood and menace and sheer fucking intensity, unearthly sounds hovering around the action. Movies with a pure synth soundtrack have a cohesive tone, pulled together by electronic audio glue.

But they always, always make me think of the 'I love my life as a dickhead' video from 2010, because we all play synth. And I've just watched for the first time in at least five years and is still funny as fuck, especially when you see it's clocked up 13 million views, and then the creator fucked off and never did anything again, because he'd made his perfect statement.

That's true dickhead behaviour. What a legend.

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