Friday, March 19, 2021

The blessed relief of sorting your comics

As this entire world of ours gets weirder and more stressful on a daily basis, we all have to find comfort where we can, and I still get some genuine peace from sorting out all my bloody comic books.

There have been various and ongoing purges of the collection, but I still have thousands and thousands of books. They all bring joy in some way, but keeping them in some kind of order is an ongoing process. Especially when I keep reading random ones, and they're not in bags or anything, and get mixed up in different piles in different parts of the house, all the fucking time.

In cases like this, there is always some weird organisational principles that only I understand - why the Legion of Super-Hero comics have to be filed in a certain way, or I'll never be able to find that one issue where Cosmic Boy's kid brother gets burned to a crisp.

But putting them together is an endless pleasure - putting a missing issue in its right place, collecting an entire run together, sorting it all out. In a mad, chaotic world, we have to grasp on to into order we can find, and I find it by spending seven hours turning this unholy mess of more than 2000 issues of 2000ad - 

  - into this beautiful sight - 

That's how you do it.

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