Sunday, November 29, 2020

Faces of Band of Brothers

I watch Band of Brothers every few years because it's just a technical marvel on every level - script, production, execution - and a quantum leap up from the simple story of Saving Private Ryan, showing the heart and humanity of people doing an awful job in an awful time. It doesn't glorify war, or sanitize it, or move away from the sheer fucking stupidity of the whole thing, but tells extraordinary stories of ordinary people.

It's also worth watching because each time, I notice somebody new. There were so many young white faces covered in muck and they all look the same, and it takes me a whole to see there's a Fassbender, or a Hardy, or a Pegg, because every young British actor of the early 21st century was drafted in, and it was inevitable that some of them would end up playing things like Bane or Magneto.

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