Friday, May 31, 2019

I'm trashing my comics

I ripped the shit out of the cover of a favourite Legion of Super Heroes comic the other day. I was careless as I was hauling boxes around, and the comic suffered for it.

It's my own fault. I liberated them all from their plastic bags last year, so they're just sitting in cardboard boxes, and I'm always going through them to refine the collection and find more stuff to read or sell. I throw them into jagged piles and roll them up and leave them lying on the floor like a fucking slob.

It breaks the collector's heart in me, but the soft sentimentalist below that level likes comics all the more, the more damage they get. It gives them a bit of character, a bit of life. I still like to see a pristine object, and comics do look sexy as hell in mylar or slabbed containers, but I'm not interested in owning those kind of comics.

Let somebody else be a proper archivist, I'll just ruin it for everybody.

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