Thursday, December 31, 2020

The best of days

2020 has been horrible for so many people, and so many people are glad to see the back of it, and we know things aren't going to get magically better because of an arbitrary numeric system that we've all agreed on, but we'll take all the symbolic ritual we can get right now, if it can help get us out of this funk.

But I've had a fucking great 2020 - I'm fortunate enough to live in a country not ruled by murderous toddlers, and can go to the movies or the supermarket or the rugby without worrying if some prick isn't going to cough me to death, and this country's lockdown had a zen calm that was really effective, in my neighborhood at least.

And, best of all, I've cut back on the job to three days a week, and spend the rest of the week taking care of the cutest goddamn 1-year-old on the planet. I love my work and the people I work with, but nothing compares to taking care of a toddler who is right on the cusp of proper walking and talking. It's freaking great. It's so freaking great.

It's a weird feeling, knowing that you are living in the absolute best days of your life, without question. The love and humour that gets thrust into your life at this stage by a new human is moving beyond words and I know beyond doubt that I will look back on this period as the best of all days.

I've had a health issue or two this year (but they're all cleared up for now), we went on a massive emotional rollercoaster with another pregnancy (a very fast and scary rollercoaster that gets stuck halfway through a 360-degree loop) and you've always got to feel some sympathy for the rest of the world and all the shit they are going through (my love and sympathy to you all).

But I'm living the best of time of my life, and look forward to many more days in the immediate future. See you in 2021.

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