Monday, June 8, 2020

Trivial pursuits as the world burns

In times of hardship - whether it's a matter of grief, or health concerns, or the greater societal nightmare that we see every single fucking day - it's still important to take some time for trivial things.

Trivia distracts us from the real world. It's not as important in any way, and you should always have your goddamned priorities sorted, but it's an essential part of keeping sane for many people. Sometimes we just need to just take a break, and get one short breather from this hectic nightmare.

Our entertainments are not as important as real world concerns, that's why it's trivia. But trivia can be a fun respite. Do what you can to change the world, and ignore all the fools, but also take a moment to switch the fuck off, because a machine that runs on righteous outrage needs to go into relax mode, now and then.

You might feel guilty, watching an old Carry On film or rocking some EDM, instead of marching up to society's masters and telling them to get fucked 24/7, but that's natural. There are so many wrongs to be righted, and so much work to do.

But it's also all part of getting ready for the next fight. Even the military know the importance of rest and relaxation, the general public need it just as much as them.

There has been a lot of shaming over this in the past few weeks, and there are a lot of people who are convinced that anything that doesn't confront the Covid-19 disaster and the BLM protests needs to shut the fuck up. While you can understand that anger, some of us still need to take a break and indulge in something trivial, for the good of everybody.

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