Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Curt Swan's Jonah Hex is out there

Everyone is having anxiety dreams at the moment and who can blame them? It's a fucking stressful time for everybody concerned. If you are getting a great dreamless night's sleep every night right now, there is probably something wrong with you.

Me, I'm dreaming of zombies with shotguns kicking in the front window, and being trapped in the house from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, because I have to process the existential horror of modern society through the prism of gore movies.

But I'm also literally dreaming of a better future, in bright optimistic metaphors. Which means I'm dreaming about comic books that don't exist.

In my dreams, I'm finding strange little DC Comics digests from the 1980s, featuring stories that never existed like a Jonah Hex comic written and drawn by Curt Swan, and a Batman comic by legendary Judge Dredd artist Ron Smith.

Dream comics can be fucking heartbreaking, when you wake up and realise that amazing thing you read never actually existed - like that fucking lighthouse in Hicksville, full of wasted potential and never-was - but sometimes they can remind you that maybe there is a whole bunch of Jonah Hex comics by Curt Swan out there. And as bad as things are getting in the world, you might be lucky enough to get back to that search one day. It must be true. I've already seen it.

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