Sunday, June 7, 2020

The Young Ones: Viv's head

It took a couple of years for the Young Ones to show up in this country, so the first thing I ever saw from it was a clip on a British awards show, and it was the bit where Vivian's head gets cut off.

I was only nine years old, and this piece of slapstick gore was absolutely the best way to be introduced to The Young Ones. It made the year or so it took to actually get to this side of the world - apparently they had to bicycle courier films around the planet, because everything took a year to get here - completely bloody unbearable.

It's just lucky that when it  did finally show up here, it was unreservedly brilliant, through and through, and the greatest TV show I'd ever seen in my life. Then again, after seeing Vivian's head coming clean off like that, it was always going to be.

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