Sunday, April 14, 2019

I'm not a foodie, but I'm up for anything

I've been to some truly fancy restaurants, and racked up a few Michelin stars in the past decade, even though I live in a country that doesn't have a single starred-up joint. I've eaten a meal by one of the finest French chefs of the 20th century, and been to places that featured in The Trip series.

But I'm no foodie. I love food, and have happily paid hundreds and hundreds of dollars for single meals, but I grew up on a steady diet of potato, vege and meat, and didn't try pasta until I was 18, and only tried proper Indian food in my 30s. While a vow to always try the local food while travelling has broadened my palate considerably, my favourite meal is still pie and chips.

It's the lovely wife who gets obsessed with food - when I try to remind her of a place we've been to, I always have to talk about the things we ate there. She's always trying out new things, and keen on new places.

And I gladly follow on, I don't always give a damn about the details, but I get taken to some incredible places and served up some incredible foods, and if you're not willing to try anything new, you might as well fucking die, because you're certainly not living.

I fucking love a good pie and chips, but the best thing I ever tasted was a single piece of ravioli at the Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare in New York City a couple of years ago. It's a bit more expensive than a good steak and cheese pie, but you get your money's worth, if you're willing to try something new.

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