Friday, December 29, 2023

This will always be the Tearoom of Despair: Writing about comics

How to become Seto Thargo

The peak of geek

I don't miss the Reign, but I do miss that hunt

The Fantastic Four's greatest adventure

Alan Grant gave the kids what they needed

Talking with Dylan Horrocks

Who's that Cable?

All around the world

The speed of Dillon

Slaine versus the El Women

Lone Wolf and Cub: Walking the white path

In Barry Linton's Auckland, everything was hot, heavy and horny

Thrillpower overload on dull suburban streets

He's the goddamn Batman

You can do it

Footrot Flats: Down on the farm for Christmas

Don't forget me, Animal Man

Bringing death and terror to the masses

The big books of Bolland

Luther Arkwright: Clean living might still save us all

The night I met the Big Red Cheese

I still miss you, Dave Cockrum

The Chaos Monsters: Too cute to live

What the world needs now...

Kevin O'Neill's bestiary is finished

Signal To Noise: The first graphic novel at the library

Silver Surfer: Blinded by the gleam of his heavenly arse

Wonder girls, shadow cats and magpies

Doomed Patrolling

Free your comics

Mark Millar wants to know what you are talking about

Sheer bloody perfection.

The Biz

My head is not yet full

The adventures of Nikolai Dante

Still Uncanny, after all these years

Carlos is the man

Oh no he didn't.

We're all turning into Larry Niven

Bob Temuka has come unstuck in time

Total crush on the New Warriors

The humanity of Watchmen

Surfing the skies with Kenny Who

Here comes Jim Lee!

I didn't need church when I had the corner dairy

Warren comics freak me out

Love and Rockets: Something's gonna explode

Harvey's kinda town

Hero of the Beach

Moving out of home with Marvels

A life of comic books

Ambush Bug: So silly, so quickly

I still hate you, Captain Sunshine


What if I never read comics?

Last night the Invisibles saved my life

This was my most-read post ever

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