Saturday, December 16, 2023

A Good Time, ending in death

Like most people in modern society, I've seen literally billions of people die on screen, (mostly when entire planets are wiped out in some sci-fi epic,) but sometimes there are cinematic deaths that stick in the mind for how horrifically mundane they are.

Like the death of a character at the end of the Safdie brothers' Good Time. It's a very stressful movie, filmed with style and intensity, and then it ends with a death seen at a distance, which is all the more terrible for it. 

It's just so so sudden and so ordinary, the most awful degree of realism I think I've ever seen, and I've only ever seen this movie once, without ever forgetting the power of that moment.

Also, there is the dude who is fed a shitload of LSD while unconscious, and he is going to wake up into the worst fucking nightmare you could imagine, and I think about that way too much too.   

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