Wednesday, December 27, 2023

This will always be the Tearoom of Despair: Writing about movies and TV

I fell in love with a video nasty

Movies around the world

Moving pictures: The arc of the human body in superhero films

Romero's devil was always in the details

How Rocky Horror made me a better person

There's a TV in my room

Mad Men: The moon belongs to everyone

Inside the storage locker of shame

Deadwood: We are not made for such complexity

Fast zombies and the arrogance of the now

Just try not to blow it: The mind-bending films of Lindsay Anderson

Do not mess with the cleaning ladies

Twin Peaks: Seeing into the darkness

Fear of a camp Bat

Star Trek - The Wrath of Kahn: Slowing down in space

Boardwalk Empire: I'm in love with Richard Harrow

Scary movies

Dumb movie arguments (that think they're so smart)

Bond, James Bond

101 reasons why Doctor Who is the greatest show ever

Undead ashes, blowing in the wind

Anger: How to influence modern culture

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