Friday, March 15, 2019

I'm here, Huckleberry

Michael Biehn always brings a professional intensity to all of his roles, and is the anchor around the action in Terminator and Aliens, without ever overwhelming the lead character's story.

But his best piece of acting comes towards the end of Tombstone, in his final showdown. He's expecting Kurt Russell's Wyatt Earp to show up, and Biehn's Ringo knows he can take him, because he's got inside his head, but then Doc fucking Holiday appears, and Ringo knows he hasn't got a chance against him.

And there is just the edge of fear in Ringo's eyes, which he covers up with bravado, and then he tries to give his best death stare, but you know he's fucked. And he knows he's fucked, but he's committing to it anyway.

Combined with his grotesque staggering and stumbling after he is shot in the head, it's a moment that only Biehn could have pulled off. In a stunning ensemble cast, including Russell, Paxton, Kilmer and Elliott, Biehn's final scene in the film shows he stands with the best.

Val Kilmer is pretty fucking badass in that scene too.

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