Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Friday, October 21, 2016

Such a fucking nerd

I saw a huge billboard for the big local geek convention beside the highway the other day, and when I saw they didn't use the word 'comic' at any point on the billboard, it genuinely got me down.

I am such a fucking nerd.

Spoilers for a Mark Millar comic

It wasn't much of a surprise to see SkyFox pull a Siadwell Rhys in the latest issue of Millar/Quiteley's Jupiter's Legacy – as well as the usual blunt-force trauma that Mark Millar calls foreshadowing, he even had the Red Dragon's mask.

Still, hopefully Millar will go for a full-on Zenith rip-off in the concluding issue, and Silver Fox already pulled off a Peter St John and it's all happening in Walter's head. That would be perfect.

I am such a fucking nerd.

I cracked the 90 percent mark on Spider Solitaire the other day, and actually did a fucking dance around the room in celebration, but had to stop after I knocked a three-foot tall Batman doll off the bookcase.

One of his damn ears was broken off, and it makes him look a bit battle-weary, and a lot more goofy, and I think I like it that way.

I also have a Batman keyring, and his bloody foot came off yesterday. He just looks stupid.

I am such a fucking nerd.

I watched the Silence In the Library two-part episode of Doctor Who for the first time in years last week, and it was fascinating, because it was a completely different experience this time around, watching the non-linear story of River Song come to a beginning/ending.

The first time I saw it, years ago now, I was on the Doctor’s side, wondering who this mad woman who knows everything about him is. But seen now, after all the River Song appearances in the past eight years, it’s a whole different story, and it’s the Doctor who seems like a weirdo. Of course he can trust this woman, he’s married her (in an alternate dimension of no time), and she’s Amy and Rory’s baby, for crying out loud! Just because it hasn’t happened to him yet is no excuse for not recognising her.

River was really a part of the Eleventh Doctor’s story more than anybody else, she only appeared with the 10th and 12th once each, but each time it’s a little bit heartbreaking. Capaldi’s whispered ‘Hello sweetie’ in the last Christmas special is devastating, and it’s just as hard to see the Tennant Doctor look so baffled around the good Professor.

I am such a fucking nerd.

I paid $12.95 for the first Marvel Swimsuit Special in 1992, and I still own it today.

I am such a fucking nerd.

The free preview things that the big comic companies keep putting out are usually a total waste of space, but a recent Marvel one had something interesting, and got me to buy my first Luke Cage comic since forever. So maybe they do work.

It was a Luke Cage comic by Genndy Tartakovsky, who is some kind of mad master of hyper-kinetic smackdowns and comedy beats, so it was a pretty easy sell, but I’d forgotten it even existed, so I still needed to be sold.

I am such a fucking nerd.

After decades of watching all kind of gory horror films, it’s always a delight to see something new, to see something actually unique.

The current season of Ash versus Evil Dead totally delivered on that score, with the second episode featuring Bruce Campbell getting up to some extremely gory shenanigans at a local morgue, in his latest slapstick battle against the murderous evil from beyond the veil. At one point, Ash gets dragged up through the butt of a corpse, and has to spend the next few minutes fighting evil with the disemboweled corpse stuck on top of head, and the poor dead dude’s pubic hair and cock ring getting right into his face.

I’ve seen a lot, but I have not seen that ever.

I am such a fucking nerd.

The trade paperback collection of the terrible Scourge's rampage in the Marvel Universe was put out by Marvel under the title: Captain America: Scourge of the Underwolrd. It's spelled that way both on the cover and on the spine.

I keep thinking I should get rid of it, because even with the best of intentions, they're still not great comics, but I love that title typo, and it makes me happy seeing it on the bookshelf.

I am such a fucking nerd.

The other day, I had a few beers and was wandering around the central city, and it was all lit up and beautiful, and it really felt like this was a wonderful and lovely slice of space and time to be living in, and I know I’m coming from the realm of utmost privilege, but this is a wonderful and amazing time to be alive, and there is so much incredible beauty in this world, and it is my honour and privilege to share this world with all of you.

I am such a fucking nerd.

Every time I try to watch some political discourse on the television, this scene from Milligan/Fegredo's Girl comic pops into my head:

I am such a fucking nerd.

The lovely wife has been watching a lot of Poldark this week, sucked in by the almighty force of shirtless Aidan Turner. She describes her abandonment of all wifely duties as 'Poldarking', and insists it's a real verb.

She’s all caught up with it now, and has moved onto ‘Outlanding’, which is a little easier to handle, because at least she’s stopped talking in that godawful 18th century Cornish burr.

She is such a fucking nerd.

Millions and millions of people are going to go to a Doctor Strange movie later this month.

We are all such fucking nerds.

But what’s so bad about being such a fucking nerd anyway? Going through life without being passionate about something - whether it’s dumb comics, silly TV shows or the state of the entire fucking universe – is the dullest and most depressing of existences. Getting a bit obsessed with our favourite entertainments can be healthy, and immensely rewarding. They can help you connect with the world, and all the other fucking nerds in it.

I am such a fucking nerd, and I wouldn’t have it otherwise.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Real ads from a fictional universe

I paid $12.95 for the first Marvel Universe Swimsuit Special at some point in the early nineties. Remarkably, I still haven't got rid of it yet.

I think it's the ads. I always love this kind of meta-bullshit. Now I just gotta find what I did with the 1992 Year in Review for the rest of them...