Sunday, July 28, 2019

Hello to Jason Hong

I was absolutely fucking delighted that most of the artists at a recent independent comic artist convention were doing work that wasn't for me. Comics are for everybody, no matter what you're into, and there should be something for everyone.

But some of it was very definitely in my wheelhouse - Dylan Horrocks was there selling some lovely original artwork, and Michel Mulipoa had plenty of his excellent wrestling comics on offer - and I spent most of the time at the convention looking at the artwork from the immensely talented Jason Hong.

I'd never seen his stuff before, but it was stunning. Some of his work looked like he could be drawing for Mad Magazine in 1962 - and I can't think of higher praise - with weird humour, fine figure-work and bug-eyed caricature smashing into something truly unique. He didn't have anything published to sell at the convention - he was making his money with some lovely portrait work - but he had plenty of crazy shit in a folder to look at, and it totally blew my mine.

These are some of my favourites below, but check out his Instagram for more here. It's just fabulous work.

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