Thursday, July 25, 2019

Groo: He couldn't get a crowd

I'm still tearing through a big box of Groo comics that I got under the Sergio Clause a few weeks back, and it's still as hilarious and stupid as ever, and it's taking me forever to get through them all, because there is so much detail to look at.

Look at that panel above from one random issue - click for a full-sized view - which takes up two-thirds of a page, and has an insane amount of detail going on, for one dopey gag about the nonchalance of a dog dreaming of a heroic fantasy. Each member of the crowd is clearly seen, with no tricks of perspective, no fading out into the distance, or convenient blurring. You can see all their faces without any cheating.

There are dozens and dozens and dozens of Groo comics that are just as packed, proving that the Sergio Clause isn't just an artistic necessity, it's bloody good value for money.

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