Sunday, July 7, 2019

Welcome to the machine: Pink Floyd forever

And now it's 2019 and after decades of listening to The Wall and watching the movie, and buying the CDs at least five times because my ones keep getting bloody nicked, I finally get to see The Wall on stage, when Roger Waters brings the show to town.

And it's a jaw-dropping spectacle - the stagecraft that was so impressive on the original tour is augmented by some stunning projection technology. When the wall is built, the ligts and lasers projected on the surface give new depth to the image, breaking through the surface and highlighting showing the political rot we're all dealing with.

And it all kicks off with the sturm und drang of the opening numnber, with a thundering soundscape and lights and dry ice and fireworks and explosions and I'm still getting over all that, when a bloody plane flies into the side of the stage at the climax of the song.

Fuck yes.

I never got to see the trippy light show they would put on in the UFO club back in the day, but I did get to see a song end with a plane crash.

Pink Floyd forever.

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