Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Nothing but Speedy (A perfect panel #2)

Love and Rockets: The Death of Speedy 
The panel that is the last time we see Speedy 
By Jaime Hernandez

And there, in that moment where a boy filled with terrible guilt is rejected by the only girl he ever loved, there is nothing left for him.

It’s an inevitable end, signposted in the title of the actual story, but it’s still shattering to see this last glimpse of Speedy Oritiz. There are none of Jaime’s soft lines, but plenty of his dark shadows. And there is nothing left in Speedy. His eyebrow and slightly open mouth betray the depths of despair he has been plunged into, but his face is harsh granite, because there really is nothing else there. He’s been hollowed out and there is nothing left.

Nothing but death. Nothing but the end.

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