Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dredd vs Fear, obviously: (A perfect panel #3)

Judge Dredd
The panel where Judge Dredd is no ordinary man!
By John Wagner & Alan Grant and Brian Bolland

It’s the most obvious panel to put on this list, but I was nine-years-old when I first saw it, and the impact of it is still there, three decades later.

Bolland’s art can often come across as stiff and stilted, but look at the way Dredd’s arm swings around, look at the heft in that eagle-clad shoulder – there is power in this panel, and it’s not just because an utterly evil creature is getting punched through the face, it’s in the body language of the man doing the punching.

And, of course, it sums up one of the great things about Judge Dredd: he is not an ordinary man, and can take the horror that will literally kill lesser beings, and respond with a clenched fist of righteousness.

Gaze into the fist of Dredd, and see the simplicity and straightforwardness that has made him on of comic’s greatest characters, rendered by one of its greatest artists,

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