Friday, December 2, 2022

Yard Act: Give me some of that good stuff


Right now I get most of my new tunes from the Music 101 show that plays every Saturday afternoon at work. The team behind the broadcast are smarter and way more music savvy than me, so when they say somebody is good, I give it a go. They're very positive about music, so there is a lot of good stuff to try out.

And even though I sailed into the realm of the Old Fart a long time ago, I still have to find new stuff, if only to get the kids hooked on something new. They're just toddlers, but they like dancing to music, but want the same things over and over again, so we have to constantly find new music. And it needs to be catchy, spunky and funny. 

They never like the new stuff until they hear it 50 times, but now just want endless Gorillaz and Funny Jack White and they fizz along to Wet Leg, and I've just about convinced them about Yard Act.

I always dig bands with working class British lads barking lyrics at you, and while a lot of Yard Act's music is extremely inappropriate for the young minds I'm exposing to it, they're too young to know what any of the rude bits mean. 

But 100% Endurance is so damn good and yeah, it really is hippy bullshit, but it's sincere and lovely, and it's a small thing that's helping me fucking live in the now, man. We can use all a bit of that.

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