Tuesday, July 16, 2013

101 great things in comics

1. Greenberg the Vampire's moustache

2. Thor's hammer

3. Luba's hammer

4. Hammerstein's hammer

5. Otis the Penguin's umbrella hat

6. The wanker from Dicks and his incredible right arm

7. Cyclop's visor

8. Havok's headband

9. The Grendel eyes

10. Night Thrasher's skateboard with the blade inside it

11. The Joker's fake flower with the acid inside it

12. Jesse Custer's white pants

13. Zenith's Phase 2 jacket

14. Starman's rod

15. Daredevil's horns
16. Jack Staff's staff

17. The original Captain Britain's mace

18. The batmobile

19. Horse the cat's jaw

20. Doyle's missing tooth

21. Superman's bottled city

22. Shade The Changing Man's M-Vest

23. Nick Fury's eyepatch

24. Nick Fury's eyepatch (ultimate version)

25. Captain America's shield

26. The little wings on the side of The Flash's head

27. The little wings on the side of Namor's feet

28. The giant wings on the side of the Warlord's head

29. Catwoman's ears

30. The little fluffy bits at the end of the gloves and boots on the Black Cat's original costume

31. The big fluffy bits around the Creeper's head

32. Guy Gardner's turtleneck

33. Tintin's quiff

34. The Infinity Gauntlet

35. Tetsuo and Kaneda's bitchin' motocycles

36. Lobo's badass space hog

37. Terry Downe's cigarettes

38. The broken bottles that are frequently employed by Milk and Cheese

39. Dan Dare's eyebrow

40. Concrete's cement armchair

41. The Question's blank facemask

42. The Marvel Universe's Dracula and his awesome supernatural dress socks

43. Bat Lash's pansy

44. Rogue Trooper's bio-chipped buddies

45. Obelix's menhirs

46. The Wasp's endless election of wonderful costumes

47. Cowboy Wally's Foreign Legion film

48. Megaton Man's biceps

49. Bizarro Superman's skin

50. The batarang

51. The Nth Man's snow-white mullet

52. Omac's mohawk

53. Maggie Chascarillo's hair when she puts soap in it

54. Betty's ponytail

55. Mr Natural's beard

56. Adam Strange's jetpack

57. The body language the Scarlet Witch uses when she throws out some hexbolts

58. Ambush Bug's antenna

59. Robyn Slinger's wonderful collection of toys

60. That weird fucking flying thing that Orion of the New Gods is always bombing about in

61. Doctor Fate's fullface helmet

62. Magneto's helmet

63. Scrooge McDuck's spats

64. Judge Dredd's helmet

65. Judge Dredd's lawgiver

66. Judge Dredd's Lawmaster

67. Judge Dredd's kneepads

68. Judge Dredd

69. The Unknown Soldier's bandages

70. Smiley Bone's cow costume

71. The Goon's flatcap

72. Hellboy's massive red hand of doom

73. Lois Lane's accusing finger when she confronts ill doers

74. Hans Von Hammer's flying goggles

75. Martha Washington's earrings

76. J'Onn J'Onzz's brow

77. Mean Machine's dial

78. The Phantom Stranger's medallion

79. The Phantom's skull-ring

80. The bat-signal

81. Billy's boots

82. Itto Ogami's babycart

83. Longshot's little knives

84. Green Arrow's boxing-glove arrow

85. Nikolai Dante's inner computer

86. Deathlok's inner computer

88. John Constantine's old punk band

88. Luther Arkwright's scarf and flying jacket combo

89. Madame Xanadu's tarot cards

90. Motormouth's sneakers

91. Nemesis The Warlock's Blitzspear (or is it the Blitzspear's Nemesis?)

92. Merv Pumpkinhead's mop

93. Jonah Hex's scar

 94. Quimper's mask

95. Wolverine's sideburns

96. Batman's hatflaps in Red Son

97. Batman's bootlaces in Year 100

98. Groo's cheese dip

99. Forbrush Man's pot

100. Spider-Man's webshooters

101. Crazy Jane's hopeless smiles

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