Sunday, May 3, 2009

Vomit #2: DiDio picks winner

DC chief Dan DiDio called a press conference yesterday, desperate to inform the world of the latest developments at the comic company.

"I picked my nose yesterday," said DiDio proudly. "It was one of those sticky ones that gets right up there and I had to dig for the little fucker. I thought I had it, but then it turned into one of those bits of snot that stretch out without giving up their grip. But I persevered and finally cleared the nasal passage."

Waving the offending piece of bodily by-product in the air, DiDio would not let this incident pass without adding his final rant.

"This is a great day for DC, this is a great day for comic books, but most of all, it’s a great day for me."

Paul Levitz, who first made me cry over a bloody stupid Legion of Super Hero comic and now serves as editorial guru at DC, confirmed the incident.

"I saw the whole thing. It was absolutely disgusting. But at least he didn't mention the bowel movement."

A press release from DiDio about his bowel movement is expected soon.

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