Saturday, May 9, 2009

Vomit #8: The Comics Vomit goes up own arse, finds nothing

In an extraordinarily dubious example of meta-journalism, this publication found that its last article was its most opinionated ever.

Managing Editor Sod Rerling was quick to deny nothing. “We deny nothing. We regret calling Tony Isabella a crusty old man who was desperately trying to grasp onto any credibility his long and pitiful career accidentally produced. We should, of course, have stated that he has never had any credibility whatsoever, although he does have a delightful singing voice.”

Asked by the voices in our heads whether this was taking things a bit far, Rerling was unrepentant.

“Isabella deserves everything he gets. He started it. A few years ago, he said anybody who enjoyed ‘The Filth’ had a disturbed mind. Well, we fucking loved ‘The Filth’ here at the Vomit. And guess what, Tony? You uncle-fucking girl’s blouse stick-shovin’ spit-licking felching toadhole? You were fucking right! And we have long fucking memories!”

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