Sunday, May 3, 2009

Vomit #1: Joe hits the hush

In a move that has shocked, stunned and shocked the comic world, Larry Hama, who returned to his rightful place in the universe as one of the writers of one of the latest GI Joe comics, has revealed that an upcoming issue will feature absolutely nothing happening at all.

"Ha!" laughed actor/writer Hama yesterday. "We're pissing on the past, but only in the best possible way. They thought I was such hot shit with those silent issues, but we’re doing a whole issue where Snake Eyes and Stalker sit beneath a tree, clearing their minds in an attempt to achieve the state of Mu, striving to gain a greater understanding of the universe and beefing up their ability to kick the shit out of more Cobra soldiers."

Many believe that GI Joe’s more passionate fans will not appreciate this new existential direction, but Hama isn’t worried.

"No way man," he said, shortly before being informed that the conversation was being taped. "The issue after that will have a full-frontal of the Baroness. That oughta keep the little bastards happy.

"After that, I figure I will have had just about had enough of the white man ways and will be moving to Greenland."

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