Saturday, May 9, 2009

Vomit #7: Isabella on the rampage

President Barak Obama has been a popular choice since his election last year, but he already has one name on his enemies list when Tony Isabella heard him mention Black Lightning during the recent Galactus hoax.

“It’s an outrage!” wrote Isabella on one of his sixty-nine weekly columns yesterday. “When I created BL back in the day, I intended him to be a man of the street, helping the common man with his daily tribulations. To suggest he takes on Galactus is dubious in the extreme! I mean, I know Dazzler took care of him once, but that was an isolated incident.

“Furthermore, I find it grossly offensive that my character is being used by politicians. Heck, I can barely stand DC using him!”

The White House could not be reached for comment. Chuck Dixon could be reached for comment.

A snap internet poll conducted by some drunks we found on the street found that 90% of online dorks thought Isabella was a crusty old man who was desperately trying to grasp onto any credibility his long and pitiful career accidentally produced.

The remaining 10% thought Jeph Loeb would write a kick-ass ‘Mr. Miracle’.

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