Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Vomit #4: Back from the grave

Deadset legend Graham Ingels returned from the grave yesterday in a surprisingly unsurprising move, ready to dazzle a whole new generation of comic readers with the kind of work that made EC famous in the 1950s.

“Yeah, I’m back,” said Ingels, his breath stinking with the fetid stench of the dead and his face swimming with the irony of the situation. “The old body is a little worse for wear, but I can still hold a pen! Sometimes!”

Although Ingels was initially unwilling to reveal his motives for returning to the land of the living, he eventually cracked like a decomposing egg.

“Aw, it was that damn Gaines. I’m sitting there relaxing, enjoying my afterlife, and then Bill Gaines shows up, trying to get me to draw something for him. Bastard wouldn’t leave me alone, so I hauled my ass out of the grave.”

With his body rapidly falling apart around him, Ingels remained optimistic about his future plans.

“I figure I’ve got a couple of decent covers in me before I crumple into dust…”

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