Thursday, June 30, 2016

Off to the land of the ice and snow

The Tearoom of Despair is in low content mode for the next month, with only some slight 2000ad-related shenanigans to guide us all through the dark.

The reason is travel. The lovely wife and I are off to New York and Frankfurt and Iceland and Winnipeg and Houston and New Orleans. If anybody can suggest any good comic shops in these places, please let me know. (I'm really after dirty, weird places filled with slightly soiled back issues).

It's what I do. Some people go see the pyramids and Stonehenge and Hawaiian beaches, and I do that too. But I also really, really like to look in the comic shops.

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Tapeleg said...

Hit up St. Marks Comics in NYC. They might fulfill your ooky spooky comic shop needs. It's the one I want to stop in every time I am in the city.

Midtown Comics is worth going to if only for it's spectacle. They have so much stuff, and their trades are stocked to the max (I wondered if they ever ran out of anything), and I don't think I've ever seen a $350 variant cover new comic before going in last week. But it is what you would expect from Times Square, all flash, little personality.

I've been to Crescent City Comics in New Orleans, and it was nice. Got some local stuff there. Have a good trip!