Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Operator dead, post abandoned."

Regular posting at the Tearoom of Despair will be delayed for a couple of days, for boring real life reasons.

In the meantime, I implore anybody who enjoys my rambling on this blog to head on over to Matt Maxwell's Highway 62 Revisted blog and check out his comprehensive, month-long analysis of the original Dawn of the Dead.

Dawn has been one of my top five movies of all time since I first saw it in the early nineties, (the 2004 remake - which isn't that horrible - wouldn't even come close to my top 100), and Maxwell's eye for a nice film still and some razor-sharp analysis covers almost everything I love about this great, great film, while pointing out a lot of things I never noticed.

It's probably the best piece of film criticism/analysis/love that I've seen all year, and I've watched both Room 237 and Mark Cousin's epic 15-hour Story of Film documentary in the past couple of months.

Seriously, check it out. So good.

Normal service will resume on Friday, with a moan about the lack of balls in big superhero films...

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