Thursday, September 7, 2023

You can't cure death

I'll always have an undying love for vampire and zombie films, no matter how many shit ones get thrown out into the world, but I hate hate hate it when they bring the undead back to life at the end, cured of their need to consume human flesh and blood.

It's not just because it's a cop-out - these are dead people moving, they're not sick or diseased, they're just fucking dead.

It's also because it means when the heroes have been blasting away or staking the seeming undead, they were straight up murdering people who could have been cured and gone on to full and complete lives. That really sucks. and it's hard to have any sympathy for protagonists who have slaughtered dozens of innocent victims to save their own cowardly hide.

There is always the Fright Night clause, where a newly turned vamp can still be cured if they don't feast on human blood and their master is killed before dawn, and it can sometimes work if the film is told entirely from the perspective of the walking corpses (the Near Dark clause).

But other than that, I've been enjoying great movies of zombie carnage where the people come back and the end and it leaves the sourest of tastes, like rotting flesh on a decaying skeleton.

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