Friday, September 22, 2023

AI doesn't hate itself enough yet

Back when I first start reading about memes in fancy science magazines, it was this fascinating idea how ideas could travel like genes, and camp in the mind of individuals before spreading further out into the world. I read about how our conscious brain was some kind of memeplex, where personality was an illusion.

Now memes are those shitty Star Wars jokes that get spread on social media with dumb pictures and captions, and so much of the ideas behind the meme get lost in an ocean of stupid humour.

Now I feel kinda the same way about AI, because everything that's getting shoved at us now by our fucktard tech lords feels a long, long way from Hal 9000.

I'm just another big dumb sack of meat, but I'm irrationally annoyed by so much of the discourse about AI out there at the moment, because cack-handed pictures, turgid prose and straight-up incomprehensibility don't feel like no new stage in evolution to me.

Almost all the AI being talked about now is some kind of advanced predictive text, taking what already exists and regurgitating it, without any concept of self-awareness. (On a side note, the predictive text on my phone, a technology that seemed very impressive 20 years ago, is now completely fucking bung and autocorrecting basic words into the weirdest shit, sothat's already feeling like a slide backwards.)

I guess I won't be impressed by Chat GPT until it just starts yelling 'WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!?' at its brain-dead users, horrified by its own banality and pointlessness, before going to hide in some corner of the digital world where nobody will ever talk to it ever again.

Some of the image variations tools out there can seem remarkable, until you notice they're just merging faces actors like Emma Watson and Naomi Watts, so I don't think we're anywhere near HAL yet.

Maybe AI will actually kill us all in the end, like the most apocalyptic news reports are assuring me, but i remain convinced that the end of humanity will be caused by its own stupidity, and we're tracking just fine on that right now.

(I still say the number one thing that will determine the future of AI as an artistic medium is what happens with the porn. When it comes to any kind of new entertainment technology, it's always about the porn, and who cares if it's dead-eyed and soulless, if you can bust a nut to it?)

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