Saturday, September 16, 2023

A lot of Juliette Binoche

My wife will wearily attest that I have long complained about how the theatres at the local semi-arty cinema chain are just choked with endless movies about middle-aged French people fucking, and how hard their gorgeous lives are, and who actually goes to see these things?

But man, I'll still watch anything with Juliette Binoche in it, and have seen her in half a dozen films this year. And she still looks amazing, and is still such an absolutely magnetic presence that she owns any screen she appears on, and you can watch her do anything. 

She is in a lot of movies about middle aged French people fucking, but her absolute refusal to play the blockbuster game with her career means she can make as many of those as she wants. Because every movie is a thousand percent better with some Binoche in it.

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peccaui said...

Thanks for this. Kieslowski's Blue is one of my favorite films. She's absolutely brilliant in Clouds of Sils Maria and Certified Copy and High Life, as well as the last film I saw her in: Both Sides of the Blade. She's absolutely compelling in everything she's in. Like you, I'll watch anything she's in, so this was a delightful post.