Thursday, March 24, 2011

More good.

Man, I could do this forever...

1. Johnny Alpha and Judge Dredd, striding out into a radioactive wasteland with a swagger that is absolutely justifiable. Who the hell is going to mess with them?

2. "Is ALLnow love."

3. Daredevil takes a subway demon by the horns and steers it back to the light during the comic's improbably good Inferno crossover.

4. Mr Miracle’s shame in the basement, after trying to land the Justice League's jet on the roof of the first Justice League International embassy.

5. Hal Jordan walking off into nothingness at the end of the penultimate issue of Zero Hour.

6. Spider-man bouncing over the no man's land around the Berlin wall in the unrelentingly grim Spider-Man/Wolverine one shot in the late eighties.

7. The bit in Kevin Huizenga's Ganges where he imagines all the couples sleeping beside each other, now and forever.

8. Halo Hones: "Anybody could have done it."

9. The combined might of the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy face off in a vast apocalyptic battle against Korvac that never leaves a living room, and sees Korvac casually slaughter almost the whole lot of them.

10. Batman takes down a bunch of White Martians by being smarter than they are, and Morrison shows what his Justice League is all about.

11. Frank Castle shows the world a face that was not created by God in Punisher: the Tyger.

12. After Charley Borune wakes up during one of the biggest battles of World War One and discovers he has been used as a shield for the German's machine guns, he wriggles his way free and kills the whole bloody lot of them.

13. Every eyebrow on every girl Jim Aparo ever drew. Sexiest ladies ever.

14. “…And where would we be without a laugh?” in Mark Millar and frank quitely’s Tit-For-Tat

15. Flash fucking FLINGS himself forward to save his girlfriend in the first panel of the Flash strip in Wednesday Comics #11

16. Cerebus receives a gift and everything changes in #101.

17. Poor Henry Pugh, struck down by a flying chair in 1942, in Brian Bolland’s The Actress and the Bishop.

18. The fake Ben Grimm staring at his hands on the cover of This Man, This Monster.

19. Nothing Can Stop Pig Girl in the latest issue of Sweet Tooth.

20. The very weary face of Detective-Inspector LeBrock of Scotland Yard in the final panel of the first Grandville book.

21. Farting around the Vales of Maya for yonks, in Milligan/McCarthy’s Rogan Gosh.

22. Martha Washington doesn’t give in to that shit when it all goes horrible in the Amazon rainforest. That won’t kill her.

23. “…So the next time you go making Airfix models of the Atlantic Ocean, you read the instructions first, my lad!” “Sorry, dad.”

24. Batman figures out the hold they have over Superman in DK2.

25. The look on The Beast’s face when he sees the Uncanny X-Men in Mesmero’s circus during the Claremont/Byrne years.

26. The part of Dan Clowes in this Ghost World comic will be played by…. Dan Clowes.

27. The head on the shoulder on the last page of Locas in the first Love and Rockets.

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