Monday, November 6, 2023

Nosferatu: I am going far away to the land of robbers and ghosts.

It's a rough week, so normal service is being postponed for the next seven days, and you'll have to wait until next week for my astute and highly dubious takes on the latest Love and Rockets, the last words in Killers of the Flower Moon, and the unreserved beauty of the game of cricket.

Instead, it's old-timey movie week at the Tearoom of Despair. I've spent a lot of time lately on the Timeless Classic Movies  channel on YouTube, and it's no hardship to share seven of my favourites over the next week. I've aonly scratched the service - there's tonnes of films there that I do want to see based on their title alone, and the fact they're rarely much more than an hour long certainly helps, but I'm such a basic bitch I've really only gone for the stone cold classics. Find your own faves.

Anyway, Nosferatu:


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